Komplex Care is a leading national provider of nurse-led care in client’s own homes providing a range of specialist complex care to both adults and children across the country, with the aim of supporting individuals to lead full and dignified lives with each client having their own Operations Manager and Registered Nurse in their preferred place of care.

We are a specialist in the sector, with the ability to manage, train and assess packages of care of the highest acuity, and with our total commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on our ability to completely tailor all aspects of care and training to meet the needs of our clients and work with all parties to secure the best outcomes possible.

All our clients are assessed by our Registered Nurses who will then arrange a person centred care plan and once we know what level of care is best suited to meet the individual client needs, we develop a bespoke training plan to ensure our dedicated and committed staff have the exact clinical skill-set required for each individual client.

The training that we provide is tailored specifically for the clients’ needs and includes one-to-one training sessions and competency sign-off from our clinical team. Our dual roles as a provider of both complex care and clinical training puts us in an ideal situation to ensure all our staff are constantly at the forefront of best practice in care.

Komplex Care constantly ensure that clients who need clinical support for themselves and their families are guaranteed high-quality staff who are both reliable and fully trained specifically to their individual needs.





We believe that supporting our clients with high acuity clinical needs is what we do best and we provide bespoke, nurse-led complex care for each client.




At Komplex Care, we know that care is often a lifelong requirement and in many cases the need for acute clinical support starts early in life.




Komplex Rehabilitation services responds to the need for a dedicated community based rehabilitation service.