Meet Kerrie - one of our Rapid Responder's:

“Working as a Rapid Responder for Komplex Care has allowed me to build confidence in my ability to understand an array of medical needs and interventions needed for specific packages. Komplex have an amazing Training Team and an in house Training Academy to ensure you’re fully equipped for any role or scenario for a hands-on experience and given the underpinning knowledge needed for each intervention.”


“Everyone at Komplex is friendly and so supportive. There is one goal for everyone and that’s to ensure our packages are fully supported with the right staff, who are fully trained, and that the individuals we are looking after have positive, understanding, patient and knowledgeable carers.”

As a prospective healthcare professional for Komplex Care we look to build on your potential within the Care Sector and provide a unique path of progression that is pinpointed around a combination of your career aspirations, your desired skillset (while also enhancing your current strengths) and your reward you gain from providing care in a multitude of settings. At Komplex Care we believe that for us to grow and develop as a provider we must first look to our staff to grow with us as without you we cannot deliver the help that people require. We look to establish a trajectory for our healthcare professionals that takes you from Home Care Assistants to Complex Care Assistants into Nursing and beyond.


  • Regular supervision meetings to highlight your direction and condense these into achievable micro-goals.
  • Continual high levels of training to further expand your medical knowledge in order to fulfil the standards for more and more complex care packages. 
  • Implementing your ideas from the ground level up to evolve our processes and thinking, allowing you to have your say within our structure.
  • Encouraging and proactively supporting learning outside your current healthcare specialisation to expand your wider knowledge and add to your work portfolio.

We look to push the boundaries of what it means to work in healthcare and what can be achieved, firmly believing that our successes are based on your successes.