Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy is an inherited genetic condition that causes muscles to weaken. It is caused by changes in the genes responsible for the functioning of the body’s muscles.


Komplex Care understand the muscular dystrophy isn’t always easy and can create challenges in day to day living.


We provide bespoke care in the client’s own home, working with families with a holistic approach to ensure all clinical and social needs are met.

We appreciate that the clinical needs will change, therefore our clinical team will continually ensure that they review all aspects of the care given to ensure a high-quality service is given. Our complex carer’s are up-skilled to ensure they have knowledge of the condition and can provide a high quality service for the following:

  • Ventilation and airway management
  • Tracheostomy management:
    • tracheal suction
    • tracheal change
    • ambu bagging
    • chest percussion
    • cough assist
    • oxygen therapy
  • PEG